Oh hey you guuuuys…. this is where I’ll be tomorrow.

LAS VEGAS! Basically, I’m only interested in eating and finding Holly (if you don’t know which Holly I’m referring to, there’s no use explaining, just move along). I will also be happy to meet and obviously befriend Angel or Josh, though if I see Laura I’ll ask for a picture and move along.

I’ll have some posts pre-made for you this week, so check in and keep the bloggy-boo company while I’m away. Blech, that sentence was stupid, I hate myself.

Anyway, I’m all freshly spray tanned and tucked into bed. Goodnight.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I think the heart shaped glasses look is pretty cute and whimsical, but I don’t know if I’m completely sold on getting a pair. I have to decide where my priorities are in terms of if the cute factor is worth potentially looking like a baby prostitute. Am I prepared for this? Also, I’m not so sure that they would be casual enough for my daily uniform of yoga capris and old, shapeless t-shirts from children’s community theatre productions.