The Greatest Event in Television History

My mom and dad made a home movie I’d like to share with you.

A shot-by-shot recreation of the 80’s TV show Hart to Hart.

If you have a spare 18 minutes to watch this in the middle of a work day, you probably need a laugh, you sad, unemployed loser. I watched this in the minutes before my slave driver roommate woke up and ordered me back to my sewing machine. Yesterday she had me up all night sewing pillows until carpal tunnel set in, and today I’m Von Trapping some curtains for our living room. My tiny, nimble, toddler fingers can barely muster the strength to type this to you. If you are reading this, if anyone reads this(?), please send help. Also send food. I’ve only eaten almond butter and brown rice cakes all week. I’m in the mood for sushi.