Friday Inspiration: What Would You Do?

johnquinonesMy dream jobs include: assistant to Andy Cohen, portraying Olivia Benson’s niece who exacts vigilante justice on pedophiles for an episode of SVU, and being a What Would You Do? cast member.

I would even accept getting secretly taped on an episode of WWYD?. So, if you ever see me in a restaurant launching into a liberal diatribe because I overheard someone making fun of a gay teen, know that I’m doing it because I’m both a good person and hoping that John Quiñones will emerge from the kitchen with a camera crew.

Friday Inspiration: WWCBD?

WWCBDWhat would Connie Britton do? Oh, I don’t know… maybe decide to age gracefully instead of using botox which would prevent her from displaying a full spectrum of emotions on her face while she performs in the hit TV musical drama, Nashville. Because she is a professional. ACTOR. Oh yeah, I bet she calls herself an actor because you don’t call a female doctor a “doctress,” do you?

What would Connie Britton do? I don’t know, what would a mermaid haired, one-woman army do?