Obsessed With: Soft & Dri Deodorant

I am a connoisseur of many things, namely cupcakes, dry shampoo, and anti-perspirant/deodorant. Since I’ve already talked at length about cupcakes and dry shampoo, today I’ll discuss the less popular, but no less important product that is the anti-sweat stick.

I love antiperspirants. I use it every day, and if I somehow forget, I sit in anxiety until someone lets me use theirs (which is gross, but less gross than thinking about how I’m not wearing any). Personally, I think (I shouldn’t say ‘personally’ because that might suggest that the next thought isn’t universal to all rational thinkers) there is no excuse for anyone over the age of 12 or 13 to have body odor. I get when you’re young you haven’t gotten into the habit yet, or you don’t want to believe you need it, but I promise you, at 20 years old believe that you need it.

Anyway, I have tried basically every kind of antiperspirant- from the clinical strength (which I think is a scam) to Dove (which is like rubbing body butter on your armpits and expecting it to do anything) to Michum (which dries your skin out and doesn’t do much deodorant-wise).

Hands down, the best I’ve ever used is Soft & Dri with the Derma Stripe in Invisible Solid with the intoxicating scent Whisper. I’ve also tried the Soft & Dri without the strip and in different scents, which also work really well, but the combo of the stripe and the whisper can’t be beat. You can wear that all day long and it holds up. I guess if you are one of those demure girls who can use unscented Secret and be set for the day won’t understand, but this Soft & Dri proves that magic really exists.


Obsessed With: Urban Decay Setting Spray

All my life I’ve dealt with having a very oily face (LITERALLY, my whole life. Child birth was super easy for my mom- I just slipped right out 3 weeks early… )

(…sorry that was disgusting and not true).

But really, I do have some oily skin. I’m wiping my face down whenever I get the chance. I laugh at those little 2 by 3 inch oil blotting sheets. If I ask you for one, don’t give it to me because then I’ll ask for 3 more to finish the job. Every trip to a public bathroom I steal one of those sanitary toilet seat cover papers and blot to my heart’s content. One of the cutest things about me is  whenever I’m at a restaurant, I like to use the little papers straws come in to mop up my face (boys, may I direct you to the top of this window where it says “Contact.” You can direct all love letters to the email address listed there).

All this blotting is really just a Band Aid for a bigger problem, and I finally found something that seems to cure it, at least for the day. Urban Decay’s Setting Spray collection includes a “De Slick” that I tried recently, and I really recommend it. It goes on and absorbs quickly, I didn’t get oily all day, and my make-up stayed in place for hours. I’ve also tried the regular setting spray, which kept me less oily and kept my make-up in place also. I don’t need to try the moisturizing spray because I can just apply olive oil directly to my face to get the same effect.

Each 4 oz bottle is $29 at Sephora or Ulta.

Pretty and Pale

I admit that I used to go tanning a lot in high school. In the past two years, I’ve gone, I think once, but overall I’ve sworn off it. Now that I’m almost 23, a sense of mortality is setting in, which brings with it the sheer terror of aging, so I’ve begun wearing sunscreen every morning so I look super young forever and ever.

For the vast majority of the year I’m pretty fair skinned, except for when some occasion calls for a Toddlers and Tiara tan in which case I break out the Salon Bronze Airbrush gun, which I’ve written about before. For the most part though, it takes a lot out of me to look tan all the time. I hardly even notice how pale I apparently am, but there are some idiots who love to point it out. I’ve begun to notice that when people do refer to my skin tone, I go into something that can only be described as just short of a blind rage.

So, if someone calls me pale, or holds their tan arm next to mine, I’m just offended to my core… And don’t you ever test my ability to tan because I can if I want to, I just choose not to! Which makes me better than you!!!!!

I can look like an Addam's family member if I want to!!! My skin, my choice!

If you are also pale and try and put us in the same boat by saying something like “better put on the sunscreen- Irish skin like ours is just going to burn!” I will let you know that I’m only half Irish, and will tell you the story of how for a brief period during my childhood I was sure my father was African American, he is THAT tan, and I have half his DNA. SO, I actually can tan IF I WANT TO, and in the rare case I burn, it DOESN’T EVEN HURT. And give me a week and it turns to tan!!!!

That was just a brief rant…I got a sunburn last week (one of less than a handful I’ve ever had in my life!!!) so this is fresh in my mind.

My real reason for writing is I just want to appeal to you all and ask if we could all just stop tanning. I know everyone looks better tan, but if we were all pale, then eventually, in terms of beauty, we could just lower the bar. It’s like if the whole world cut off one ear, we’d all just get used to it, and eventually we wouldn’t even notice it anymore.

Trust me-you’ll still look fine pale! Look at these actresses! They’re pale and probably already better looking than  most tan people in the world! Please, you guys. Just do me this solid.

Obsessed With: Organic Coconut Oil

For about the last two weeks my mother has been interrupting everything I say with a fact about the benefits of coconut oil. I imagine she’s been telling everyone else about it, to0 because she told me all about the spirited conversation she had with a Trader Joe’s employee about how wonderful it is, and that fingers crossed, they’ll start selling it there again what with the recent popularity of coconut water and all.

One of the things my mom said coconut oil is good for is weight loss, but it has a fair amount of calories in it. Now, I know some things have a lot of calories but are still good for you because of healthy fats, and are fine in moderation like avocado and almonds. This is irrelevant to me until it’s sweater weather, and I don’t have to be in Vegas wearing a bikini in a week. Come pumpkin latte season when I can just wear oversized flannel, I’ll go back to being some organic hippie with my couscous and my quinoa and only eating free range chicken once a week, but until then it’s cancer causing sugar substitutes and grilled meat for every meal!

Back on track, back on track. Annnyway, I haven’t really had enough of this stuff to see if it does help you lose weight, but I have experienced it’s miracles in other areas.

1. Put a tablespoon in 8 ounces of hot water and drink before going to the gym for energy. Its like having a Redbull but without the ingredients that we’ll find out in 10 years gives you a case of the epilepsy-s. However, this is also drinking oil in hot water, which isn’t great, so I’d say weigh your options in terms of what’s more important, an electric storm in your brain from years of ingesting chemicals or drinking hot oil.

2. Buy some coconut oil lotion and put it on whatever bad things happen to your skin. I’m pretty sure it can cure anything. I have only witnessed it cure my sunburn, but I can only pray I am stricken with some light eczema, so I can see if it clears that up. I had an accidental sunburn last week on my arm, and when I burn it eventually turns to tan, and it had started to tan, but there was still a lot of redness. I put some organic coconut oil lotion on before bed, and when I woke up, all the redness was gone.

You can also use it in cooking (it’s great in couscous instead of using butter to cook it. It really holds the coconut flavor). The unrefined stuff is better than refined, and I use this brand of oil and this brand of lotion.

Tell your friends! Spread the gospel! Unless you are a weirdo who doesn’t like coconut, then you will hate this stuff. Seriously, I’m annoyed by people who don’t like coconut. Just explain to me what’s not to like? I would love to hear this.

e.l.f Cosmetics

I bought some make-up at Target the other day, which is gross because there’s no testers. You know that someone probably had their fingers all in the product you’re about to buy… which I know because I like to open everything and try it, so some poor soul is wiping my hand germs all over their face every morning while they put on their foundation.

The no tester situation is my only gripe with Target- have you seen those prices!? I picked up new make-up with some gift cards, and tried out one of their cheap make up lines for the products I didn’t really need but wanted: under eye highlighter to look like a Kardashian (I don’t like that Kim, but gosh darn it if her eyes don’t look mesmerizing!) and cream eyeliner.

For the cheap lines my choices were N.Y.C., Rimmel, and e.l.f.

N.Y.C. didn’t have a chance because I used that stuff at sleepovers when I was 12, so I can’t move backwards. Always evolving, people. I would have gone with Rimmel since there was a big picture of Zooey Deschanel hocking  the stuff (I’m exactly what cosmetics marketing departments are catering to, and I can accept that) but they didn’t really have anything I wanted.

Now, these e.l.f. people have no celebrity endorsements, but they did have the under eye highlighter, and the cream eyeliner. I think the highlighter is $1 and the eyeliner was $3. Nice even prices, I appreciate that.

The eyeliner was useless. It doesn’t go on as a solid color- you can see your skin through it no matter how much you apply. The concealer portion of the highlighter was also really thin, but the highlighter was fine, so you could use it with your own concealer.

The whole ordeal just made me miss Sephora with their testers and return policies and friendly sales ladies who follow you around the store to make sure you’re not stealing.

Obsessed With: Chandler Farm Body Butter

I recently started doing temp work (which, I believe, is what people mean by the saying “living the dream”) and this past weekend I did some promos for Chandler Farm body butter and lotion. Basically, I just stood at a table in front of a display and tried to get people to buy it.

Now, yes, this is actually a good product, but this post is partly about that and partly about me spitting some truth on all you lotion users because now I know a thing or two.

So the reason why this stuff is good is it’s natural and organic, but what’s more is there’s no petroleum in it- because oh, guess what? Petroleum gives you breast cancer, and it’s in practically everything. In Europe, you can use petroleum in cosmetics, but it has to be completely pure and safe, but in America petroleum can be any level of purity, so the same petroleum used in shoe polish can be used in your lotion. I hope you sleep well tonight, FDA!

This lotion is also free of parabens (breast cancer), sulfates (more cancer), and formaldehyde-producing preservatives (cancer cancer cancer).

The lotion also smells/feels nice…and, again, doesn’t give you cancer, which is always considerate.  You can get it here.

Here’s some other information that will make you feel depressed. It’s all the ingredients thats are going to kill you/bad for the environment but are legal in the US, anyway (from the Chandler Farm site).

Palm Oil: Over harvesting of palm oil has threatened the survival of the Orangutan in the wild. With our current rate of harvesting, the Orangutan could be extinct from the wild in as soon as 10 years. Palm oil is prevalent in Bodycare, Food, Bio-Fuel.

Parabens (methl-, ethyl-, propyl, butyl, isobutyl-): “Parabens are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogenic and disruptive of normal hormone function. Estrogenic chemicals mimic the function of the naturally occurring hormone estrogen, and exposure to external estrogens has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.”- Gorgeously Green

Phthalates: “These horrid little synthetic chemicals are known to cause a broad range of birth defects and lifelong reproductive impairment in lab animals exposed during pregnancy and after birth. They are often hidden under the term, “fragrance.”- Gorgeously Green

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES): “This ingredient is a foaming agent that is derived from coconut oil. It is used in brake fluid and antifreeze and also in a huge variety of skin care products, including toothpaste, shampoo, bubble bath, and soap.There is a great deal of controversy surrounding SLS, as many feel that it is not only a proven skin irritant but also could be carcinogenic. The Environmental Working Group considers it to be a carcinogen.” – Gorgeously Green


Obsessed With: Sephora Blemish Extractor

I realize that this is the second Monday in a row that I have been obsessed with something pore related, but that should just indicate what a full time job it is to take care of this situation I’m dealing with.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the episode of Sex and the City when the girls are talking about their “secret single behavior” that they do by themselves, but couldn’t let a man see if they were living with a guy. Using this extractor is my shameful single behavior that might keep me from ever living with a man (other than the fact that having to share a room–and with a boy no less– sounds like the wooorst). Seriously, I don’t even let my friends see me use this, it’s disgusting, but I have to do it because it works so well.

When I get facials I’m always tempted to bring this with me and just ask them to extract my blackheads with this because you get so much more traction than when they use their clumsy, vienna sausage fingers. I just think it would be heavenly to have someone actually extract my face FOR me and with a big magnifier and some professional lighting over my face. I could always just get a lighted magnifying mirror, but looking at pores in that would just get me upset, so I would need a third party to do it for me. I would never actually ask for this, though because I don’t need anyone else thinking I’m weird. I don’t know why they don’t just have these in the first place at spas and just sanitize it after… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I highly recommend buying this at Sephora for $16, but be warned you’re going to get obsessed and spend an extra 20 minutes in the mirror every night. (Click on “Sephora Collection” to buy).

Obsessed With: Clinique Acne Solutions


Clinique Acne Skin Care System, $32.50


Brace yourself, you guys. I’m about to get real, here.

Acne! Ewww!

I’ll admit, when I was in middle school, my skin was really bad (not to let one part of my body have all the attention, I also had a perm, purple glasses, braces, and was just overall a Chubs McGee). Eventually, it got better, but now that I’m an adult I still have some trouble.

There is nothing I envy more than girls who, after a night of partying, are just like, “ehhhh, I’m too tired to wash my face!” and just fall asleep with all their makeup on. This is so unfair!!! If I do this I’ll wake up straight up pizza faced and I have to spend the next week with my head over bucket of hot water steaming out my pores!

What does seem to help my face if I use it religiously is the Clinique Acne Solutions Kit. It comes with foam cleanser, toner, and acne lotion.  It’s Proactiv for grown ups! It’s nice because you can discretely buy it at the Clinique counter, (which makes me feel like a fancy lady) instead of buying it at a Kiosk in the mall (because the only thing you should be buying at a Kiosk in the mall are clip in ponytails and sparkly hair clips from Korean ladies).

Nars and Bare Minerals Blush

For the past few years I’ve been a big bronzer girl, but ever since the movie 500 Days of Summer I started to consider maybe there was still room in my Caboodle for a little blush.


Spring Time Baby Angel, Zooey Deschanel

Look at this little spring time baby angel!!! So fresh faced and gorgeous! It’s like she just came inside for pink lemonade after playing with bunnies and baby deer wearing a daisy crown- her little cheeks kissed by the sun.

To try to get the sweet spring time baby angel look, I bought the NARS Orgasm blush, which has been said to be the color that looks good on everyone.

But, ack! $27 dollars!?

A slightly less expensive version of the classic is the Bare Minerals Vintage Peach blush, which looks just like the NARS version, except only $18! Even better than the $9 savings, when you bump into an acquaintance of your mom at a Starbucks and she asks you what blush you use you don’t have to say “ORGASM!”


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