Freshly Pressed

Yesterday, one of my blog posts, Am I an Adult? was featured on’s “Freshly Pressed” page. Since it has brought me a bunch of new followers over night, I thought I should reintroduce myself. I know you could just scroll back and read some old posts, but I never give up an opportunity to coerce strangers into following me on Twitter.

So me. Here are the most important bullet points to get you up to speed:

  • I moved to LA from New Hampshire about 9 months ago to become a comedic actress/writer.
  • If I wasn’t a comedian I’d be a Special Victims Unit criminal psychologist, B.D. Wong-style. Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 9.22.44 PM
  • My 3 favorite things are Connie Britton, inter species friendships, and that thing on TV shows where wayward children call their foster parents “Mom” and “Dad” for the first time.
  • If you think Amanda Knox did it then you can let yourself out.
  • Related: “Foxy Knoxy’s The Mandy Project” is the most clever thing I’ve ever come up with.

Alright, I think that covers it.

Next, follow me on everything:

Twitter: @daralaine

Instagram: @daralaine

Tumblr: brunchforeverymeal

Facebook: brunchforeverymeal 

Youtube: daralaine

My Podcast: Wine and Whine 

Here’s another post of mine that was Freshly Pressed a little over a year ago, 3 Reasons Why Being Single is (Probably) Better than Dating a Serial Killer. 

Okay, cool. That’s it. Thanks for following!

10 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed

  1. Hello, new follower here. I read your blog for the first time last night thanks to FP. Your humor is refreshing after a snowy day here in the midwest. Also, enjoy 25, my twenties were great, but I find that my thirties have brought out a serious nature to me. Granted I can still be charmingly youthful, this seriousness stuff is for the birds lol. 🙂 Following you everywhere, plz look for one of my future posts over on my blog to have a follow everywhere list- it’s an excellent idea!

  2. I read the first one backwards and I was like, wait…she moved AWAY from LA to pursue acting/writing? This girl’s got some issues.
    Then I read it right. I’m a new follower so I think it’s safe to assume I can tell everyone I know that you wrote a blog post specifically for me?

  3. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed and having a horde of new followers! I’m jealous now….

    Hopefully, you stand a chance of playing a victim on SVU. Or perhaps, the comedian with the killer joke?

  4. I’m one of those over-night followers, and I wanted to introduce myself. I’m a former dolphin trainer and teacher, and I aspire to do what you do except I’m less successful at it. I recently moved from New Mexico to Rhode Island (though I did my graduate work in your home state), where I now waitress for income and pretend that my blog is funny. I applaud you for going for your dream and wish you the best.

    I’m known to shamelessly self-promote, so on the off chance that you’re, like, bored in L.A., here’s a link to one of my (Christmas-themed) blogs.

    Have a Merry Christmas! I’m glad to be a consumer of your wit.

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