Road Trip to LA: Day 2

With a dream in my heart and Trader Joe’s unsweetened fruit leather in my glove box, my mom and I finally headed out at Midnight on Wednesday morning. We wanted to leave Tuesday, but the snow stopped us. We planned on staying with my cousin, Erin, and her family on their farm in New Jersey, but because we lost a day we decided to just drive straight through to North Carolina. So, basically you could be looking at pictures of me in Hunter rainboots sliding around in manure and being chased by chickens if the snow had just held off a day. Sliding doors, Gwyneth.

We got to my mom’s cousin’s house in Kernersville around 4pm. I have a lot of trouble understanding babies and people with accents, but at one point I heard my mom’s cowboy cousin mention “Parks and Recreation” and I was like, “okay, a topic I know a little something about!” But I guess they were literally talking about the parks department of their town…

We got some BBQ with more cousins. It was good and I sat across from this 16 year old boy, that surely, I am vaguely related to, who looked just like Gunner from “Nashville,” but no one had seen the show, and I felt very lonely.

After, we went back to the house and I spent the rest of the night debating whether or not to steal this from the guest room

Ultimately, I decided not to as an additional thank you to cousin Mandy and her family for their hospitality, but I still really, really want it.

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