Happy International Women’s Day….I GUESS

Hey, when’s International Men’s Day, huh? When do men get to parade around the street in celebration of their storied heritage? Just men, coming together, jingling tube socks full of quarters symbolizing the blood and tears that went into preserving the gender wage gap.


Speaking of sexists:


Here are two more misogynists working to reverse all the lady-progress that Taylor Swift has fought so hard for.

{In Bed With Joan Episode 1: Sarah Silverman}

4 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day….I GUESS

  1. I love Sarah Silverman and Joan Rivs. I love when she’s like “Why is that even an issue?” about women being funny or women in comedy. I know people say there’s the glass ceiling or whatever, but I feel like it’s hard for anyone to break into that business, not just women.

    I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Good post!

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