I’m Not Saying Jennifer Lawrence Fell On Purpose…

…but do you think that fall was maybe a little too likeable?


Sure, I want to be her best friend, and duh, I’ve been replaying that quick shot of her during the “We Saw Your Boobs” song like a GIF in my brain – that moment was second in likeability to the fall. But, I swear on my life, I knew she was going to trip. The instant before it happened, I said to myself, “she’s going to fall.” Does that make me a little psychic or am I just hip to her scam? Both, probably.

Look, I’m not saying she faked it, but I may be saying that she didn’t hoist up the hem of that skirt in the hopes that something very likeable might happen.

And who didn’t love Hugh Jackman rushing to her aid? I loved it. Don’t mistake that. I hear he’s second billing on Jennifer’s Likeability Tour ’13, to which, I have front row seats.

11 thoughts on “I’m Not Saying Jennifer Lawrence Fell On Purpose…

  1. I agree with you, but I also think something likeable would have happened if she pulled that hem up–way up. At least for Hugh Jackman and others in the front row. Oh, and I can I be your +1 for the Tour?

  2. She’s almost TOO likeable now. Have you noticed how many times she has to make jokes in every interview? It’s like, we get it, you’re normal. I guess I just find a way to eventually hate everyone.

  3. hmmm I’ll have to look again. I didn’t think that her fall made her adorable though. That kind of crap doesn’t work on most of us. She’s working it so well, though. Between she and Lena Dunham at the Golden Globes and even Meryl Streep walking on her own dress, I would really just like to see more women walking without assistance. That’s cute to me.

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