Free Lucy Elizabeth: The Saddest Nancy Grace Twin

Poor, little Lucy Elizabeth seems to have figured out that she rode the vagina water slide into a cruel universe that would bestow upon her half the DNA of Nancy Grace and half the DNA of a man who would marry Nancy Grace. Meanwhile, her brother, John David, takes in the sights and sounds of Legoland, blissfully unaware that his mother is not just “mommy,” she’s Nancy Grace. And she stands by the theory that Amanda Knox is guilty.

Lucy Elizabeth knows, and she carries that burden for the both of them.

Stay strong, Lucy Elizabeth. Let John David enjoy his ignorance for just a little longer. He’ll know soon enough.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.44.39 PM
Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.44.25 PM
Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.42.02 PM
Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.41.43 PM
Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.41.17 PM

16 thoughts on “Free Lucy Elizabeth: The Saddest Nancy Grace Twin

  1. I have to agree with SandyLand. She is either plotting something or is so depressed she can’t eek out a smile in ANY photos. Of course, when your Mom is crazy, is there ever a reason to smile? Well, maybe when you slam the door in her face.

    • She’d better not do that to her Mommy Dearest. Especially if Mommy is a malignant narcissist. Those kids are in deep you-know-what. ESPECIALLY the little girl.

    • I have a feeling that when her first fiancé got murdered, she had a narcissistic meltdown or whatever they call it. Couldn’t forgive the police for suspecting her; no sense of, they have to check everyone out. It’s not about justice, she has an ax to grind because she was a suspect. Now, some have gone even further and in their indignation about her been pulled into saying she did it, but the only reason this type would have is if HE was dumping HER, and absolutely no evidence of that so I would think the police probably got it right. This type will more typically get someone else to do their dirty work for them — give them a “reason.” Work on their perceptions until they snap. They are experts at punching buttons, and like the shark, they always smell the blood in the water. But apparently the fiance worshipped her. One of these days I might read the book she wrote about the case but you know what? I’m AFRAID what I’ll see, so I don’t so far. It never ceases to amaze me how people can still believe she means well. The woman doesn’t care if a person is guilty or innocent it’s all about the script in her head and better not say she is wrong. Esp better not say she is bad. “Other people do bad things but *I* don’t.” She was INSULTED. Insult to that type of person is not what the normal person thinks of as insult. And beyond ordinary hypocrisy it can be dangerous. The boy will probably have life a bowl of cherries while the girl has to take too much crap and either dies from some “accident” or ends up in jail (making the crime fit the punishment or simply framed up), or eventually suicide. She’ll be driven to have an unhappy face and get punished for it. You horrible brat, you’re living in the lap of luxury! Don’t you know how lucky you are! From the entire bunch of her supporters. It takes a certain family dynamic to produce a woman like this. Believe me, I know. So, something bad happens with the kid and by that time people will shrug their shoulders. “Well, you know the mother tried, but the kid was just impossible.” …. People have said things I know joking about suicide — even before those two actual cases — but they don’t realize just how true it is with this type. People around them commit suicide. I imagine many girls that age don’t make it even to adulthood. The husband better not “cross” her and the thing is, “crossing” this type of narcissist will be something that won’t make sense to the average person, they simply don’t even realize they’re doing it. Stupidity can protect someone — for a while at least. But when someone really close to her wakes up and realizes there’s nothing there but a shell with a vacuum inside — or rather, since there can’t really be a vacuum it will be something terrifying, even non-human –something almost like a demonic computer where the program can be re-written except for the bottom line, she is the all and the only and “good”, and the others have to be “bad” to make a “foil” for her “goodness”, that she DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN about driving someone to suicide — and they try to get her arrested, or locked up, or the kids away or whatever…. Yes, that little girl is in a pile of trouble.

    • And I’ll say something else about that certain type, which if the shoe fits…. They will not be above using their kid for their script of their own goodness–or if they need to be the concerned, loving person, to make something happen to that kid. One reason the term “Munchausen’s” might come up in a discussion when in retrospect trying to figure it out.

  2. If you start a foundation to help this child, I will donate several dollars. Nancy Grace’s batshit crazy twitter used to be the highlight of my life. I feel like it’s been toned down a bit lately, but still…I wish I knew how to quit you, Nancy.

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  5. Thats ok Joy…I think the word “thing” was actually quite appropriate, because without makeup, she truly is the ugliest “thing” that I’ve ever seen! ; o

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