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I have some fun news to share with you all today (just as a warning, it really only affects me, so feel free to just start skimming at this point). I’m moving to LA next month with my friend, Jillian from college!


Q: Do you have a job lined-up yet?

A: You are aware that I want to be a comedian, right? So, no, I do not have anything lined-up yet. I’ll be sure to let you know when I land a job scanning membership cards at the front desk of a 24-Hour Fitness.

Q: Where will you be living?

A: This must be your first time here – I would never post that. The hallmark of this blog is my paranoid stance that everyone is stalking me. It’s what gives it such a strong sense of narcissistic charm.

Q: What are you going to do once you get there?

A: First, I’m going to start taking classes at an improv theater. I guess from there I’ll just do my best to hold on to my morals and identity in a town where friends wouldn’t hesitate to betray you for the chance to star in a Kotex commercial.

Q: How are you getting there?

A: My mom and I will be roadtripping there, stopping in Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix. Along the way, I’ll be blogging here and on my tumblr in case you’re interested in pictures of me eating regional fast food. If you know of any places I should see in those cities or along Route 40, let me know in the comments, and please keep in mind how much I appreciate quirky, Americana ambiance and biscuits. Most importantly, if you have any leads on jobs in LA please keep me in mind. The only thing I love more than biscuits is money to pay for biscuits.

25 thoughts on “LA Woman

  1. Make sure to stop and see the Grand Canyon.. It’s your last chance at amazing natural beauty surrounding you… once you’re in LA it’s all plastic.

  2. Q: Aren’t you worried that some of your current stalkers (or random bicycle thieves) might not be able to afford to move to LA in order to continue their stalking duties, or have you already arranged for replacement stalkers?

  3. Two years ago I packed up and moved to a place I had never been, without a job, without any friends, in with a dude I had never met whom I found on Craigslist. If I made it through that without getting raped/pillaged you’re sure to rock your spunky socks off. Fresh starts are freeing!

  4. A girl I knew growing up just made the NYC-to-LA move yesterday! Best of luck — you’re hilarious, so you’ll get your break soon enough.

  5. ah yes; memories of LA. been a long time since I was in California. I can only imagine how much it has changed through the years. one memory especially comes to mind i think i will write about. it has to do with that big ol’ Hollywood sign. 😉
    have a safe trip and best of luck to you on the left coast.

  6. Congratulations, Dara, that’s awesome!!!

    I hope you hit it big, you’re hilarious!! Plus, I can tell my friends I knew her back in her brunch blogs days lol 🙂

  7. OMG! This is so awesome. Congrats on having the balls for such a major change – idk if I’d be able to do something like that :/
    You’re gonna be awesome in LA! I can already see it. And when you’re famous and on SNL and doing silly yet sexy things on the cover of Vanity Fair in a few years, I’ll be able to brag that we were once e-friends 😉

  8. I just drove across country 4 months ago from Massachusetts to Southern Cali by myself, without a plan, and just decided three days ago that LA is where I’m going to be settling. Sounds like you even have a better plan than I do! Just know you are not alone! I took I-40 the majority of the way too! In Texas there is Cadillac Ranch on the opposite side of the highway, but you should totally check it out. Eat at the obnoxiously yellow and big Big Texan Restaurant in Amarillo. The Painted Dessert is beautiful if you’re into that. Holbrook, AZ is neat and has a ton of interesting Route 66 stuff going on, like Joe & Aggie’s Cafe, and The WigWam hotel (the town helped to inspire Cars which is a fun fact). Have fun!! Driving cross country is awesome and so is Cali!

    • Thank you so much for the tips! And, wow, knowing that you had less of a plan than I did and it turned out fine is comforting… I think my parents and I think I’m the first person to ever move across the country without a job already in place lol

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