Sick Day

I woke up this morning ready to be productive and deliver you all a blog in a timely manner, followed by some light exercise and some…that’s basically it…. A Dr. Oz 3-day juice cleanse was also on the agenda, so that would have taken up some time and energy.  Basically, the day stood before me, full of endless opportunity and promise, until the weirdest thing happened: I just up and puked. I normally have an iron stomach unless I have a touch of alcohol poisoning, so this never happens. I felt fine, enjoying my Dr. Oz sanctioned green tea, until suddenly I was stricken ill.

It was so startling that I just decided to pack it in and call it a day. This is a reenactment:


Bonus that the juice cleanse was no longer necessary.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to doing pilates and living my life of no responsibility or steady employment by tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Feel better girl, and be happy you avoided the cleanse! I’ve been doing the Wild Rose detox cleanse for the past 11 days now and basically want to chew my own arm off. Yesterday I almost walked into a door because I was staring at a man eating a baked good for so long.

  2. Being sick sucks but it’s basically the only time you can get away with laying around in your jammies, whining and not doing anything. Enjoy it if you can.

    Oh, and I’m desperately wanting to cuddle up with your pup.

  3. It sucks when things like sickness get in your way of doing a blog post. Sometimes work threatens to get in my way, but then I push my productivity to the side and move forward with the blog! Get better soon!

  4. Let’s be honest. It was the thought of the juice cleanse that left you heaving ho in the bathroom. Your body simply refused. =) Hope you feel better soon. Adorable picture!

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