Happy Weekend

One of my mom’s co-workers went to Chicago for New Year’s or something and brought me back some Nuts on Clark Chicago Mix popcorn. The Chicago mix (caramel and cheese popcorn) from either Nuts on Clark, Garret’s Popcorn, or a 6 month old bag from the shelf of a CVS in Illinois is one of my top 5 favorite foods. You just can’t find this stuff in New England, and it’s like crack in the sense that it’s so addictive, but also not like crack in the sense that it’s not legitimately addictive or has the capability to ruin your life.


When I went to Vegas last year, we had a layover in Chicago. I think we had about 20 minutes to get to our next gate, and I decided it was worth the risk to find the Garret’s popcorn kiosk that I knew existed in the airport somewhere. You’ve never seen anything more an endearing than my friend with a fresh Starbucks in her hand and me with my entire arm in a bag of popcorn while we waltzed on the completely full and seated plane like, “hey, guys, we can go now! Vegas, riiight?!” as we started pouring Bailey’s nips in our coffee before we managed to get our seatbelt on. You should have seen how cute I was, like, 10 seconds before when I couldn’t find my boarding pass and had to dump the contents of my orange and pink leopard print Betsey Johnson carry on. Don’t worry, I found it- just in the front pocket hiding behind some old Forever 21 receipts! Hollaaaa! Vegaaaas!

Anyway, it’s the freakin’ weekend and I’m about to go buck wild on some $3 happy hour nachos. Hope you are doing something equally glamorous. You’re only in your 20’s for 10 years, after all.

9 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Being from Chi-town, I know how you feel about Garret’s and it’s perfectly normal. Popcorn drenched in toppings that it’s almost soggy is the only kind of popcorn I accept to enter my body now. What if movie theaters had Garret’s?

  2. You’re hilarious!
    Oh how I miss my twenties, for some.reason it only seemed like a year ago I was still in them. Bit nope…more like five. Yikes! Hope Vegas was très fun! 😉

    • Thank you so much!!

      Well, I still forget that I’m not 16! I guess that’s just how it goes. And Vegas was soooo fun! I just love a town then lets me shamelessly walk around with a giant eiffel tower shaped glass filled with pina colada!

  3. hahahaha! I just died laughing out loud in a coffee shop. I’m practically crying. That was probably one of my favorite airport experiences ever. We just HAD to get our popcorn…and Starbucks…and nips… Viva la Vegas!

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