Good Riddance, Movember

I’m about to share a probably unpopular, perhaps cynical opinion, which tends to be the only opinions I have (other than my boundless optimism towards Lindsay Lohan’s career and my firm stance on being pro-The Secret, another thing Kim Zolciak, Oprah, and I have in common). I can’t stand when people do weird stuff for charity. Have an event, have an auction, but do you have to ruin your face with a mustache for a month in the name of good deeds? So, as I understand Movember, people pledge money for the amount of time you grow out your mustache? 1. Unless you’re in middle school, growing a ‘stache isn’t tough. If you’re walking around with patchy black peach fuzz on your lip then maybe you deserve some support, but otherwise, you aren’t accomplishing anything. 2. I will give you money for a good cause without the damn mustache! I mean this opinion does sound cynical, but I think it’s more cynical to think that people won’t throw a 20 your way unless you grow or shave off hair from your head or face. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds now? Over at Kickstarter, people are giving out money willy-nilly for private film school educated white kids for literally no other reason than these white kids want to make another short film that the world doesn’t need. I am begging you to ask me to give my money to someone other than film school kids- cancer research sounds divine! 

And whatever happened to good, old fashioned, all night dance-a-thons? Is that something that only takes place in Stars Hollow? You guys are killing me. How ’bout this: Dance-a-thon December. Is that all you needed? Some alliteration? Now will you stop with Mustache Movember (which was a real reach alliteration-wise, anyway).


But Tom Selleck, keep doin’ whatchoo doin’.

12 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Movember

  1. Right you are! When are guys going to learn that mustaches are gross (Mr. Selleck is the rare, gorgeous exception) and growing them for a cause is just stupid? It would be like if women decided to forgo shaving their legs for a month. How do you like THEM apples?!?!

    And good news, dance marathons do exist outside of Stars Hollow (though I love the reference). I’ve done two of them for pediatric AIDS and there was no growing of facial hair required. 🙂

  2. Love the Stars Hollow bit! I’d so be down for a dance a thon. My biggest pet peeve with the whole Movember thing is when people are lazy and blame it on that. That, or, even worse, when people ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING RELATED TO THE CAUSE! They’re just growing awkward hair for the sake of it! Great post!

    • Ya, i feel like a lot of guys are like “ooooh I’m bringing awareness” as if people don’t know very basically what like, prostate cancer is. How about you learn some facts about whatever cancer you are bringing awareness towards and teach people instead of just using it as an excuse to grow a mustache!

      I would def not be this mad about it if I didn’t think young men with mustaches looked so gross.

  3. I hate growing moustache’s, there’s this woman in England who grew one. Sick.

    I have a lot of facial hair at the moment but that is out of laziness and I only shave it when my lip gets too hairy, I don’t know how Selleck does it walking around with a hairy slug all day every day, it gets on my nerves.

  4. I would never grow a mustache, and I’m with you — just donate money to a cause if you can. There doesn’t have to be a theme.

    Personal pet peeve — girls who think putting a fake mustache up to their face is funny. It creeps me out. I don’t ever want to picture a girl with facial hair.

  5. I can agree and disagree. Maybe it because I love a good ‘stache or maybe it’s becasue my dad raised over $8,000 for charity for cutting off his mullet. But that was more of a victory for our family rather than for charity, honestly. Funny nonetheless.

    • Well, I can very much support someone cutting off their mullet…. Now GROWING a mullet…. I just don’t know if I could get behind that.

      And please feel free to disagree because i’m an incredibly annoyingly opinionated person, who’s wrong, like all the percent of the time.

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