Star-Crossed Gingers

Have you ever seen two gingers dating? Two gingers holding hands, walking down the street? I, personally, have not. As a proud ginger, I have never dated a ginger man myself, not necessarily because I don’t like a red headed guy, but because two red heads together makes me very uncomfortable. However, you should also take into account that middle school couples or couples comprised of two short people (they remind me of middle schoolers) also makes me uncomfortable. Also, I don’t know how anyone feels offended by gay relationships when there are couples who look related to one another walking around like what they’re doing is natural. Maybe I’m wrong about this ginger theory since my threshold for tolerating things is very low, but I also know that I’m right, so there’s that.

It’s a sad thing, being right about everything. Especially in this case. There are so many gingers I can never love because our hair keeps us apart. The only men I would consider overlooking the creepy ginger couple thing would be:

Brody from Homeland OR Damian Lewis. I would take this ginger in any form: fictional married terrorist or dramatic actor. Both situations are not ideal, but I love him so much.

Ginger Doctor from Grey’s Anatomy. I was blanking on his character’s name so I just typed that in and Google knew exactly what I was talking about, which is kind of sad for him. I like him on the show even though (or because?) he kind of looks like a werewolf when he talks.

Prince Harry. Honestly, I shouldn’t even be telling you how many times I’ve thought that if he and I fell in love what a pain in the ass it would be to dye my hair and get new headshots. But I’d do it for you, Harry. I would give up this life as a red headed, mediocre blogger and waitress with thousands of dollars in student loan debt…. for you. For love.

18 thoughts on “Star-Crossed Gingers

  1. I agree with Ginger Doctor and Harry both! I…have a thing for a man with an accent. Also, when did Harry become the Hot Prince? It was always William in high school and college. Then magically, overnight, BOOM! Harry.

    • I was watching a segment on Harry for Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People and Harry was one of them… they included some footage of William when he was younger and I couldnt get over how hot he was- I totally forgot! Good for Harry though… He had a name that means “covered with hair,” ginger, not going to be kind, less attractive… now he’s a total fox… totally deserved.

    • I didn’t even realize that til you said it! Obviously the UK ginger is way sexier than the American, I can’t think of one male American Ginger I find attractive. I’m sure he exists, but like those three are actually hot, not hot for a ginger.

  2. My all-time favorite ginger is Cole Hauser. I’ve loved him since I was 14….and that was a long time ago. My boyfriend has accepted my love for Cole and that he might get bumped.

  3. I cannot find myself to be attracted to a ginger man, purely for one of the reasons you stated- I don’t want to look like I’m related to my boyfriend. My boyfriend kind of has reddish hair, but to be honest, I have no idea what his hair color is. I don’t think he does either. We just decided it was brown because blonde men are rare and he’s afraid of having red hair-because he makes fun of my ginger locks all the time. He just makes fun of me because he likes me.

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