Election Day 2012

I’m not going to tell you to go out and vote. Everyone’s already told you to do that, and to be totally honest, you might not be leaning towards the candidate that I support. Sure, I won’t stand outside your polling location and start asking you for 2 forms of ID and to guess my name so you can’t vote, (1. That was a Rumpelstiltskin joke, 2. You’d never guess my name is Dara because I’ve been told I look like a Nicole) but I don’t need to be encouraging you or anything.

Ugh, but you should vote. Civic duty, etc. I feel too guilty not expressly encouraging you, no matter who you vote for. Also, in the voting booth, I accidentally covered my sneeze with my right hand that was  holding the marker, and I still feel guilty about that. I’m not sure enough people are concerned about the amount of germs that are going to accumulate in the voting booths today to Purell their hands when they’re done. Republican or Democrat, nobody needs to deal with a cold this time of year.

One more thing, everyone stop complaining about people voicing their political opinions on social media. Most importantly because I said so, and I write a blog, so I have some clear authority over you. The other reason being that people’s opinions on who might be the leader of the free world is more important than people’s opinions on Honey Boo Boo, specifically my opinion that Alanna is heading towards a troubled adolescence, which will be on all of our heads, AMERICA. It’s not as important. And, sure, I like some of you less because your arguments are stupid, but good for you for caring.

Lastly, don’t let the long voting lines deter you because I had to wait at 6 this morning so you should have to suffer too.


3 thoughts on “Election Day 2012

  1. Mostly importantly because I said so, and I write a blog, so I have some clear authority over you.—If you don’t mind, I may borrow or paraphrase this one day. And if you do mind I completely understand. You almost need to copyright this one! I’m putting this right up there with Lincoln’s 2nd inaugural address. Classic!!!

  2. Wow! 6 am in the voting line?? I don’t know why more counties aren’t doing this, but mine sent out mail ballots that we could either send in ahead of time, or we bring (sealed and signed) to the polls, and just drop off. 5 minutes, no lines, and you’re done! Hope you didn’t have to wait too long on top of being there at 6!!

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