Halloween Recap

This story of celebratory binge eating begins with my drive home from work on Halloween afternoon. I lost control and found my car Herbie Fully Loading me into the parking lot of a greek pizza shop… but getting out of the car was my choice.

At 3pm I went in and ate a gyro and fries, knowing full well I would be going out later that night. I ate it, totally aware of what I was doing, and I didn’t even care. I ate those onions and spiced gray meet from an unconfirmed dead animal and hoped a tooth brushing would be enough. I can’t sacrifice birthday week eating for the people or hot guys who might be breathing around me. Truth be told, I do this all the time… Like, oh we’re going dancing in Boston? So we’ll do Indian tonight, then?

After gargling peroxide and hoping that killed anything alive in my mouth, I headed to Salem, Mass for Halloween. Now, I know last week I teased everyone a little bit with what my costume was going to be.

Well, I was going to be Chucky Finster.

I went out the weekend before as Chucky, and no one knew who I was until I told them (and even then I think I was getting a lot of sympathy nods of recognition). Suddenly, my adorable throwback costume didn’t seem like such a great idea. Especially next to a sexy Minnie Mouse, Wonder Woman, and Football Ref.

On actual Halloween I had every intention to wear my Chucky costume again. Again, no one would know who I was until suddenly some geeky-hot guy would come up to me knowing exactly who I was supposed to be and then Sixpence None the Richer would play and we’d slow dance our way into a very meaningful 4 and a half month relationship.

Then my friend, Michelle suggested I try on her Peter Pan costume.

I took off my purple glasses, put on the green dress and “Kiss Me” began to play as I looked into the full length mirror and said, “I… I’m beautiful,” as a single tear rolled down my cheek. Then I booty dropped and shouted to the world, “maybe the media’s portrayal of women as sexual objects isn’t so bad after alll!!!!!”

Then we ate:

Michelle is the queen of birthdays and she had this beautiful spread for me. Which includes spinach and artichoke dip and salt and vinegar chips. It should be noted I entirely forgot to bring my tooth brush to her house.

We headed out into downtown Salem and went to a Chinese restaurant so we could go to the bathroom, and then we figured while we’re here we might as well eat a poo-poo platter real quick. After finishing our platter we went to a bar and just danced by ourselves and no one said ANYTHING about how beautifully my green costume set off my hair, but it was still a success because I don’t like it when anyone touches me while I dance. I like to keep it Orthodox Jewish wedding appropriate as far as coed interaction goes. Just let me Cha-Cha-Slide with myself.

Overall, it was a great night with one of my best friends, who always makes my birthday/Halloween so much fun!

Us over the years:

My 21st

My 23rd

My 24th

Slutty Halloween costumes to all, and to all a good night!!!!

7 thoughts on “Halloween Recap

  1. Dear Dara,

    I’m so glad you were Freshly Pressed a few weeks ago. I’ve been reading your blog religiously ever since and I feel like we’re destined to be Blog friends. 🙂
    You are funny and witty and we have so much in common (I celebrate and blog my Birthday Week).
    I hope you will follow me: http://sandypothier.wordpress.com/


  2. My car has a mind of its own too. On the way home from work, I have full expectations of doing errands, but that darned Acura makes a beeline for home every time.

  3. I pulled the same move… somehow my Paul Ryan TIME magazine workout photos get-up just didn’t click with people.. so I went as Rogue on Halloween instead. embrace the sex!

  4. I wore really short jean shorts for Halloween this year for my Ted Nugent costume (made sense at the time). But for whatever reason gross guy legs just don’t cut it for Halloween. Society I tell you! P.S.- Chucky costume was an awesome idea regardless.

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