Hurricane Sandy

Due to Hurricane Sandy passing through NH Monday, I had work off that day. I pretty much had every opportunity to blog on Tuesday, but my routine was affected and because I’m an infant in a toddler’s body, I am very disoriented. Now I know how the Jolie-Pitt children feel being shuttled between LA and French châteaux and Red Cross missions in Cambodia. Babies need structure!

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, but today is Halloween and tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m already looking for a first birthday smash cake to fall asleep in at the dinner table. I can’t imagine I’ll be on a regular schedule until Monday, but I’ll try my hardest to blog anyway. If you don’t see anything from me then I’m passed out with my head on a cake and my hand in a bag of chips.

I hope everyone is safe post Sandy- leave me a comment so I know you’re okay.

And here is a hurricane live tweet from Bethenny Frankel:

Girl, that is from The Day After Tomorrow, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Bless her and her low-calorie California Rosé.

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