Good Luck, America!

Just to preface, this post isn’t going to be about politics. I’d like to keep this blog inclusive. As long as being human and finding me funny is common ground we share, we can coexist peacefully. This post is just about Democrat or Republican, black or white, religious or not, we’re all just super stupid, like, across the board.

This is just a sample of what you see when you click on the PSAT trend on twitter. America’s teenagers giving China a run for their money.

Andy Cohen and Jill Zarin on a Watch What Happens Live special one-on-one in-depth interview. It’s not that they called this “Our Frost/Nixon,” it’s that it was my Frost/Nixon.

This is Megan McCain’s debate face: And then I looked through my phone and found this picture that I took of myself in iParty….

My politixxx face:

Hilzz for el presidentay, y’all!!! xoxox

So, this is what we’re working with, America!!!

14 thoughts on “Good Luck, America!

  1. I can’t tell if that last photo makes you a Code Pink voter for supporting Hillary or a Tea Party voter for posting a photo with her eyes bugged out. Perhaps you’re a combination of the two: a Code Party voter!

    • It’s so random! Like we all learned how to do it in public school! I still write in cursive and when people see it they think I’m writing in some beautiful fairy language. Though one time some d-bag kid in college got pissed cuz he couldn’t read my writing for a class project thing. He was a d-bag, though.

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