Welcome, New Friends

Yesterday, my blog was Freshly Pressed (or, for people who don’t have a WordPress blog/my mom’s friends from work, I was featured on the WordPress.com homepage), which made for a great surprise. So much so, that I had a wild day of celebration with pizza for lunch at the mall food court, and then I carried on the craziness into the evening capping off the night with a Wendy’s Number 1 ketchup only. I was asleep by midnight, and it was a Thirsty Thursday, indeed. Today I feel the ramifications- my fingers are so bloated I can barely type. I just can’t party like I used to.

Anyway, I got some new followers so I thought I do a quick run down of the blog and all it has to offer you when you need something to procrastinate to.

1. The highlight reel:

5 Things You’re Too Old for Now

Meet the Future of the Adult Entertainment Industry

The 5 Men Every Lady is Entitled to Date

Hello Giggles Illustrated Tweet of the Day 

7 Bits of Advice for Young Girls

2. Follow me on:

tumblr, twitterpinterest, instagram: @daralaine

3. Check out my Video section

4. Do you have a problem (in your life, not with me)? Would you like some advice delivered in a scintillating package by someone who knows nothing about you and has no qualifications? Then visit my “Submit a Question” page, and I’ll answer it in a blog post!

5. Email me if you’re interested in writing a guest post or if you’d like me to write one for you.

Thanks for stopping by! Tell your friends! Tell your mom! Moms love my blog!


13 thoughts on “Welcome, New Friends

  1. I think you are hilarious, and wish I would have seen you before you were FPed, cuz now I feel like a sheep. Please forgive me for not being one of your “I knew her before she was famous” readers, but I certainly am a reader now! 🙂 –I would love to trade some wacky guest blogging with you if you are interested. I must also think of a great question for you to answer. Love how you celebrated by the way.

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