Good Riddance, Summer

I could not be more pleased that Labor Day is behind us, taking Summer with it. See, I like Summer, but I love Fall. I get burned out on Summer because there’s too much pressure– to have fun, to have a fling, to be tan (which is a full time job for an alabastor princess such as myself). Autumn rolls around and it’s all hot cider and JCrew flannels. You trade in big summer BBQ’s with randos for hayrides with close friends. Or at least I assume people do that? I haven’t been on a hayride since I was in Girl Scouts and I’ve picked up a horse allergy in the meantime. I have an EPI pen, it’s a whole to do.

I think you can usually put someone in a Fall People or Summer People category. I’m a Fall person for many reasons. A primary and particularly weighty one is my birthday. November 1st is a clutch spot for a Fall birthday–you’re really in the thick of it, Autumnally speaking, and yet it’s a clean couple weeks before people really start stressing about holidays. The seasonal Starbucks cups haven’t even come out yet, which is the first sign of trouble.

Mom? Dad?

In addition to prime birthday real estate, I look great in hunter green, my hair is red, and my head is the size of a pumpkin, so I’m basically the personification of Fall. Speaking of pumpkins– I love ’em. I could talk to you all day about pumpkins. I enjoy a pumpkin of the beer, latte or scone variety. I even have a pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern mug in the back of my cupboard that no one is allowed to use or look at until the Halloween spirit has descended upon us in order to preserve its seasonal novelty and magic.Ah, yes. It’s finally time to dust off the mug, fill it with cider and butterscotch schnopps and watch Hocus Pocus while I sew a costume I’ll eventually give up on in favor of a $100 piece of polyester from the Halloween pop-up store in the mall.

9 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Summer

  1. We didn’t even have a summer in England, well there was that one week during the Olympics, but that’s it. At least it’s acceptable for it to be rainy in Autumn, and now all the wasps and moths can go away for another year too!

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