Daily Facebook Inspiration from Mom

For years I have successfully kept my mom off of Facebook, but a few months ago the day finally came when she arrived home from work with a profile already set up. I refused her friend request for a while –not because I have anything to hide– girl has already seen me a bottle of wine deep, crying while I watch Top Chef. I don’t do anything more interesting than that. I hesitated friending her because Mama loves herself a good forwarded email, so I knew my wall would end up littered with some hardcore inspirationz and affirmationz.

After a run-in with an unlimited mimosas brunch (Brunch! Brunch! Take a shot!) on Mother’s Day, my heart was bursting with mommy-love so I accepted her friend request. Since then, her positivity and clip art have been all over my wall:

Maybe other ladies’ kids…  

I think the best part about these is that anyone who happens to pay attention to her posts would start to get the impression that I am teetering on the brink of spending my afternoon swinging from a shower rod, but I assure you nothing can be that bad if your mother is still  posting Cher quotes on your Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Daily Facebook Inspiration from Mom

  1. LOL!! sorry Dara… I was the the culprit behind your mom’s facebook!! I shall take the blame, but it seemed like the right thing to do!! 🙂

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