Hello Giggles Illustrated Tweet of the Day!

What a great day! I was Hello Giggles Illustrated Tweet, and thus had my second taste of celebrity. Here’s hoping my third taste will involve me as some kind of Wife (be it house, army or mob).

Here’s my other tweet from last year:

{tweets illustrated by @Polaroid_Rage}

Obviously, I’m just really good at tweeting. I’m also good at baking. And you should see me maneuver my crutches on unstable terrain. Basically, it’s a mystery why I haven’t been sold  into the mail order bride industry yet, which I assume exists.

5 thoughts on “Hello Giggles Illustrated Tweet of the Day!

  1. This is quite a big deal! I’m a huge fan of HelloGiggles and was really excited when I recognized your twitter handle on today’s “illustrated tweet”. Congratulations!

  2. I vote Mob Wife. Although I’ve only had one episode to base my opinion on, Mob Wives Chicago is sure to be a disappointment. Big Ang, however, is a completely different story! 🙂

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