That’s Plenty, Thanks

That’s plenty:

  • Feather hair extensions. 
  • John Mayer. (Hasn’t Jennifer Aniston been through enough?!)
  • People referring to their boyfriends as “the boy.”
  • Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. 
  • Reality stars wearing bandage dresses. We can’t all look good in bandage dresses!
  • Skinny Perez Hilton. He somehow set a new benchmark on how upset I am by newly thinned out celebrities. The scale is now from a Skinny Seth Rogen to a Skinny Perez Hilton, with Skinny Al Roker somewhere in the middle. I’m offended by how angular his jaw is. 
  • ‘Spirit Animal’ jokes. (But if we’re keeping track, Sally Draper is my spirit animal [but not Kiernan Shipka, who I think is a leetle too proud of herself]).

    Stop encouraging her, Jon Hamm.

  • Anchorman 2. Just when everyone gave me some peace and stopped quoting Anchorman 1, Anchorman 2 is coming out. Young white men, you have already ruined this movie for me. 


This vision of class was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night:

Mariska Hargitay, you keep doin’ whachu doin.’

8 thoughts on “That’s Plenty, Thanks

  1. The worst thing about Skinny Perez is that he’s going through the same phase that newly-outed gay high school boys do when they lose their 10-15 “closet pounds.” Finding excuses to be bare-chested, casually telling stories about going to the gym. Ick.

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