Blogger’s Block

I’ve got to admit that I’ve been low on blogging inspiration lately. Or any inspiration. Basically, I only have the creative mental capacity to make American Idol cast-off predictions and turn out blog posts pertaining to drag queens singing about Chick-fil-A. 

It’s been difficult to think of new things to blog about, since this thing is about absolutely nothing and yet… everything. all at the same time. It’s all over the place. I wanted to get back on the wagon of blogging M-F at the same time, so I bought this little notebook from Anthropologie. I don’t want to tell you how much it was…. $18….

I’m really into vintage typewriters right now, and this is so cute. It just makes me want to go to a locally owned coffee shop and write for hours. I mean, I haven’t… but,

Now is this planner any different from the Moleskine planner I had to have that was somehow more expensive than this notebook? Well does my Moleskine have this cute little folder in the back?

Yes, yes it does. BUT the pocket doesn’t have a cute little camera on it! Or little drawings of bikes and flowers on the pages. So, hopefully this ends up motivating me a little to be organized and plan my posts farther in advance and maybe to write something that’s not for my blog. If not, at least it served as one blog post. Worth it.


2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. Ugh, writer’s block is the worst. Writing stuff down does help but it can also be stressful. Since you look at the page and see all the stuff you need to do in one place, it can feel overwhelming. Or that’s how it is for me anyway…

  2. that notebook is sooo cute! 🙂 typewriters! I love them! it makes writing special, not like typing in a computre keyboard…

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