Neon Bracelet DIY

As I’ve mentioned a couple times before, I have a pretty sordid past in pageantry (do you want to take a minute with that alliteration?………….. okay, let’s move on). As I have since retired my crown (my imaginary crown that I never won because I’m a feminist, you guys) I now have a surplus of tacky pageant clothes and jewelry that can pretty much never be worn again (except when I dress up to watch Eden’s World when it premieres on Logo in 2 weeks… or as I affectionately refer to it as, Before They Were Porn Stars).

I love a good sexualization of a 6 year old. But, who doesn't?

The jewelry I bought for pageants has been especially useless– it turns out I can’t think of one occasion besides a debutante ball that would require me to wear fake diamond earrings from Claire’s that hang so low they brush my shoulders ever so softly like a tiny baby whisper. My rhinestone bracelet is also something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in my wardrobe, so I decided to spruce it up with a little nail polish (which turns out to be the perfect painting implement for my petite hands paws…. a moment of silence for that batch of alliteration).

Sure, this bracelet now has the unmistakable scent of ethyl acetate, but it’s so neon and pretty, and when I get compliments on it I can be all smug and say “oooh thanks, ya, I made it,” which is, as we all know, the only reason why anyone would put their time into a DIY project–the smug factor.

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