Submit a Question!

I’ve decided to add a new bit of flair to my blog in the form of a regular advice column– or as regular as it can be based on how many questions I get. Here’s hoping this is Jamie Lee Curtis regular…

wait for it…. wait for it….gettt ittt?

Just like Ann Landers, I will answer all your questions from my typewriter while wearing a jaunty house coat.

So you can just head on over to the ‘Submit a Question’ tab, and anonymously write me a question that I’ll answer on here. I’ll answer questions on anything because I have an opinion on everything. Bonus points if you know me, and you send in a question anonymously about me, i.e. “So there’s this wonderful woman I’m in love with, but I don’t think she knows I exist.” I also ask that you sign off your questions with something like, “Lost and Lonely in Louisiana” and if you don’t, I will make something up for you. Pithy sign-offs are not optional.

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