I am a 45 Year-Old Divorcee: Part II

Many of you regular readers probably won’t see this post until tomorrow because you are already beginning your Friday night like normal young people. I haven’t had the energy to write this earlier because I’ve been recovering all day from the 4 glasses of wine I had last night and now I’m inside blogging at 9pm on a ‘date night.’ Like the 45 year-old divorcee I am with my 45 year-old aging liver and immune system.

Here is a glass of Cabernet I enjoyed once.

I just can’t drink like I used to. I’m just not 21 anymore. Oh how my body has aged in the past two years.

I wasn’t even hung over this morning, but I have a general sense of yucky-ness, and my brain is so foggy. I sat in the car today and accidentally listened to the song ‘Desert Rose’ almost in its entirety before I realized I was listening to ‘Desert Rose’ and changed the channel. Typing this is so hard. I had to type the word “channel” from two sentences ago about 4 times before I stopped spelling it as “chanel.”

I went out with my two of my girlfriends from college last night, and tonight they’re going back out. Something about free bottles–I guess they’ll be ‘poppin”– I don’t know, they’re doing the things that the young people do, and I could be out there with them, but I’ve had heart burn for hours, and I just don’t have it in me. Seriously, I’ve thrown up in my mouth, like, three times today.

I also don’t have the mental capacity or energy to talk to people I don’t know, I’m bad enough when my mind is sharp— last night I talked to some guy about how much I loved the Clinton administration, and that I do, in fact, believe that Hillary and Bill’s marriage was built on love, etc. etc.

I’m just going to sit with my dogs and catch up on the 5 SVU episodes I’ve got saved up in DVR queue. Leave me alone.


14 thoughts on “I am a 45 Year-Old Divorcee: Part II

  1. Sounds like a magical Friday to me. I tried to go out but after dinner I decided that a few episodes of Psych were more interesting. You and I are rocking this weekend AARP style!

  2. Oh man I can totally relate…but for me it’s a nice Riesling and NCIS….and I’m only a year ahead of you…it makes you wonder what happened in the past few years?! I often find myself saying “I used to be so much more fun….” haha

  3. I’m probably the only Republican willing to admit their unabashed love for all things Clinton.

    I went out on Friday with a few of my friends for “happy hour.” Apparently “happy hour” goes until 2 am, because that’s when I got home. I spent the entirety of Saturday curled up in bed, watching reruns of Downton Abbey and complaining about how much my head hurt.

    Let’s start a 45 year old divorcee club.

  4. I’m 53 and going through a divorce. I like to think of it as a change of marital status. It’s sad to be divorcing a lying, cheating creep, but it is infinitely more sad to stay married to him.

    I haven’t had a drink in 24 years and your post just affirms that that is not the way. I’m going to take up fly fishing because I think there is an old fisherman out there who would appreciate my cooking. In the meantime, I will be a much needed meditation. The bars weren’t that much fun even when I was young.

    • I’m about to get all ‘you go girl!’ on you.

      You Go Girl! One of my biggest pet peeves is women who stay with jerks (or worse… like, child molesters… saw a whole episode about it on Anderson the other day) just because they are too afraid to be alone. Being comfortable with yourself, being able to be alone, and loving yourself enough to leave people who don’t treat you right is the best thing anyone can do in this life!

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