Maxin’, Relaxin’

This is what I like to call maxin’ and relaxin’. Full disclosure, I was not actually watching The Good Wife at this tweets press time (creative license), but nothing says divorcee like The Good Wife. And look, though I was actually watching Ice Loves Coco, no one is rooting as hard as me for Alicia and Kalinda to be friends again (except maybe a fellow 45 year-old divorcee).

I should be more worried about this Benjamin Button situation, but there’s nothing I love more than 40 mentholated Salonpas stuck from my neck to lower back, being in bed by 10:30, and reading Hillary Clinton: Living History until I fall asleep.

But seriously, if you want to talk about treating yo’ self, try investing in a pack of CVS brand Salonpas. Let me just say, for those of you with a delicate constitution, don’t use all 40 of the patches because the smell is pretty strong. I might have experienced some kind of  shortness of breathe, but this was the most exciting thing to happen to me all week so I just went with it. In Salonpas defense, I don’t think you’re supposed to use all 40 patches at once.


5 thoughts on “Maxin’, Relaxin’

    • YES GIRL! Her memoir called Living History is insane. Whenever I feel bad I read a few chapters and I’m like dammmmn my problem ain’t so bad. That lady’s got strength and grace…. Strength and grace, indeed..

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