Who Wore it Best?, or US Weekly is the Devil

Fun anecdote: one time, I had a couple glasses of wine and then cried while I watched E! because Giuliana Rancic (a woman who’s narcissism/sociopathic tendencies could rival any OC Housewife’s) was going on and on about something to do with one size 2 celebrity  looking better in a dress than some other size 2 celebrity who looked like a fat, fat, fatty in that same dress. Without getting soap box-y (though, what else is a blog for?) I hate, hate this ‘Who Wore it Best’ crap that is all over E! and US Weekly. 1. It’s sexist. (Have you ever seen two men pitted against each other? Even if you have, it’s probably a 1 to 100 ratio, man to woman) 2. It perpetuates competition between women (another reason why you never see male ‘Who Wore it Bests’ because the media doesn’t tell men they need to compete with each other when it comes to their appearance).

ANYWAY, I just thought I’d show you this fun little screenshot I found on USWeekly.com:

Tell me, which prepubescent 6 year-old body filled out this Juicy Couture cardigan better? My vote is for Suri. C’mon, Violet, what are those white trash leggings? You were are (being) raised in Brentwood, not a meth lab! Step it up, you little blonde ogre! Who dressed her??? (probably her mom).

5 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best?, or US Weekly is the Devil

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this. There are so many problems with stupid US Weekly/Tabloid columns. Another one I particularly hate is Stars Without Makeup. Because again, it’s sexist – it’s never hey look how bad this guy looks. It’s look at how bad this Victoria’s Secret model looks (even though she’s beautiful) – now don’t you feel better about yourself? WHY DO THESE EXIST???

    • Ugh! you are so right! The thing is, is that many people don’t even get that this is sexist- I feel like that’s part of the reason why there’s so much sexism- there are many women who don’t even understand what sexism looks like (other than flat out saying women shouldn’t vote or something).. But then when you point out that something is sexist ppl just groan and don’t want to hear it! Ugggh so frustrating.

  2. I agree with you a bijillion %. These magazines and the E! network are a manifestation of Satan.
    But this s*** doesn’t surprise me. I mean, we live in a country whose number one idol is super rich and famous ONLY because she’s well-endowed (ahem, Kim Kardashian)

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