(You Should Watch) “It’s a Brad, Brad World”

So let me first just get it out of the way that I think this show should be called It’s a Big Brad World or perhaps Bad Brad World. I had to get that off my chest because it consumes maybe 8% of my daily thoughts. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and make sure that you are watching It’s a Brad Brad World on Monday nights at 10pm and then 6 more times a day after that (unless there’s a 6 hour Tabatha marathon on instead).

Why should you watch this? Well, where do I start? Bow ties, geometric patterns, brightly colored blazers, and crying (all key ingredients for a successful reality show). I also consider this to be the Will and Grace spin-off that I dream happened instead of Friends doing Joey. Brad’s boyfriend, Gary, was a writer for Will and Grace and he must be a great writer because he talks like a sitcom. The show is funny, light-hearted, and goes down easy like a glass of Arbor Mist. Brad has branched out from Rachel, and by golly, he’s gonna make it, my Mary Tyler Moore!

Okay, totally separate thought….

….I’m beginning to realize that this blog is sashaying dangerously close to being a low-key Bravo blog. This frightens me. What if I just cross that line into insanity? I’ll be one pinot grigio away from desperately begging for retweets from all the Real Housewives’ children. I promise I’ll start limiting myself on Bravo-related posts, and please intervene if I don’t. Also intervene if I start talking about getting bangs again.

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