Twitter Tuesday: Kim Kardashian

What does Kim have on her mind today?


Ohhhhh… okay. Kim was making a little joke! Good for you, Kim.

Well, just set up a meeting with Ryan Sea…er… “Cupid” and you two can discuss his casting decisions…. I mean…. “aim.” Just kidding @miilkkk, you will never get within 50 feet of Ry….pid…

Ok, let me preface this by saying suicide is never the answer, but if this really is the most exciting day of your life, I don’t really see many other options for you. So let’s not be so easy breezy with those hyperboles.

I’m with Kim on this one. It’s hard to fathom what TV writers are going to come up with. Just consider yourself lucky they didn’t kill you off or recast you with a cardboard cut out of yourself.

Finally! The name of the sequel to her sex tape is revealed!

Hold on, can I just throw in some Khloe for good measure?

…Yes…yes, Maude Apatow, she did. Sorry, this was all that was left over in the Female Role Model Discount Bin. Is it too late to pick Melissa Joan Hart? I’m pretty sure she made it through her 20’s without a DUI….

And lastly….

I think that one can stand on its own.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Tuesday: Kim Kardashian

  1. I love your twitter updates because I can see all the funny bits without having to actually go on twitter for ages 😀 Altho the Courtney Stodden ones still haunt me…….

  2. Glitter Angels is more forgivable than anything that Kim says. Must be a rough life though.
    Can Maude Appatow really talk? She’s been in like 3 movies when the plot didn’t really call for her. Little nepotiz…

  3. Hahaha! Good stuff. “Sorry, this was all that was left over in the Female Role Model Discount Bin.” That is my favorite quote of the day. Thank you.

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