Great Equalizers

It’s true that super models are just more gifted genetically than any of us ever could be. Boob job or not, most of us could never look like that, which is fine ‘cuz… inner beauty and stuff….. but there is one thing that evens the playing field. An equalizer of sorts: super models trying to dance! (This also works for Taylor Swift). Sure they have those long beautiful limbs and their thighs don’t touch, but appendages that long are difficult to maneuver.

Another equalizer: celebrity hands. The most expensive thing you can do for them is a a paraffin wax treatment, and any poor person can melt down a candle and get the same effect. Other than that, there’s nothing you can do… not even you, Megan Fox.

I like to think of her clubbed thumb as a little wink from God to the rest of us.

Or Zooey Deschanel’s hands. They’re perfectly fine, but nothing remarkable. Just the hands of an every day human, maybe they’re the hands of your cousin from Maryland.

But in actuality, they belong to this baby angel,

Womp, womp.

7 thoughts on “Great Equalizers

  1. Haha omg I know someone with that exact same thumb shape. A clubbed thumb. Perfect. Unfortunately, I am 6 feet tall. And while its fun to be tall, its also so awk.

    • i’m only 5’3 (and a quarter!), so sometimes when I wear big heels and go to the bathroom I just think how do tall people do it! I feel like I have to travel so far to get down there! But I can’t reach anything, and stores never have pants in petites, so you win some you lose some.

  2. I dont think the model figure is all that great. Unless they get breast implants they have no figure. No butt, no hips, boney thighs, knobby knees. The only reason the fashion industry likes them is cuz they are basically walking clothes hangers with no bumps or curves to interfere with the drape of the fabric. My boyfriend calls them lollipops, cuz they have long skinny stick bodies and big round heads. Women are spozed to be round and soft and curvy. Marilyn Monroe’s figure is probly the most perfect female form that ever walked the earth, and she would be considered fat by today’s standards, which is sad.

      • I dont worry about it. I try to avoid frequently over-indulging, but I dont diet and I rarely do any kind of structured excersize (altho I really should to be healthy). I have no desire to look like human popsicle stick. If people dont like it they can kiss my not-skinny behind.

  3. Ahahaha I agree. The majority of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show might make me feel unbelievably insecure but everything comes back into perspective when they have to dance in 6 inch heels for the last 30 seconds and all they can do is bend their knees and fist pump. We are all only human after all…

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