A Letter to a Young Me

Dear Dara (ages 9-15 […make that 16]),

Things really do get better. Though, I’m not sure that things could get worse.

Me, Circa 6th Grade

Even though some kids are calling you a lesbian, your instincts are right- you’re not a lesbian…. even though as I write you at age 23, it’s been a long (undisclosed amount of) time since you’ve had a boyfriend, I assure you, you are not a lesbian… But if you were gay it would be fine, which dad has always reminded you of, “just in case.” Seriously, though, you’re not gay. You’re going to date some nice male biceps in the future.

Your baby fat spread out and you stopped trying to cut your own bangs to look like Lindsay Lohan, which really helped matters (Sidebar: you won’t believe what happens to LL. Just try not to get too attached). However, I am sorry to tell you that your hands look the same as they do in that picture. It’s fine though, because you’ll discover that it’s a great ice-breaker at parties. People never get sick of your tiny hands.

Just know that though times are tough right now, one day you can put the memories of these experiences into comedy and making people laugh, which is what you still love to do. Also, when friends say that they can’t fit into their old prom dresses, you can say you fit into your clothes from the 8th grade, which never gets old.

Keep that acne ridden chin up.




10 thoughts on “A Letter to a Young Me

  1. Awwww hahaha this was adorable and funny at the same time.
    A great idea to write a letter to a younger you. It’s funny because I was at my boyfriend’s for Christmas and all the girls were saying that they can’t fit into their prom or grade 8 grad dresses and I happily expressed that my grad dress is too big for me now.
    Prom dress that’s a different story, let’s say I’m not the twig I was at that point.

    • hahah ya at least I didn’t have some sort of unibrow situation- I had enough going against me. But, even though my mom let me get a perm (which was a huge lack in her parental judgement), I don’t think she’d ever let me walk around with big eyebrows if I had them.

  2. HAHA!!! This is why I love facebook. Newsfeed pointed me here and I’m dying right now! Love your blog, this post especially!! I remember thinking we were pretty hot at this point…. I may or may not have burned 99% of pictures taken between 5th and 10th grade..It’s fine. ❤ Kara

  3. Are tiny hands a ginger thing? Because mine are about the size of an eight year olds. Just kidding. EIght month olds. Ew. That’d be creepy.

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