Favorite Posts of 2011

Here are some old posts where I just really out did myself.

{Thoughts on Some Women and Sports}

{5 Men Every Woman is Entitled to Date}

{The 12 Tweets of Courtney Stodden}

{Vegas Part III: Thoughts on Clubbing}

{Hello Giggles Illustrated Tweet of the Day}

{Reasons Why Gwyneth Paltrow is Better than You!}

{How Very Mary Kate of You, Elaine!}

{Parker’s Maple Barn}

{Vegas Part II: Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill}

{Sport Eating Beach Field Trip}

To be totally honest with you, I decided to just do a round up of 2011 blog posts because I wanted to turn something out quick (like how 90’s sitcoms used to do those episodes where the main characters just sit around and go, “hey, remember that time when…..” and then they just start playing a montage of old episodes. Like that). This actually took forever because I just started reading old posts. Similar to how I clean my room, which is actual cleaning in 10 minute spurts and then try on old clothes for a half hour. I have the worst time management skills of all time. I have great motor skills, though. Just ask me to cut a piece of paper neatly. I’m all over that.

1 thought on “Favorite Posts of 2011

  1. Thanks for this, loved all of these posts 🙂

    I would do the same thing but when deleting old pictures, I end up sitting there for hours looking at them and laughing and then I realize I want to keep them all but probably shouldn’t.

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