First Video Blog

I already regret putting this up, but if everyone else and their mother can have a video blog where they just talk about themselves, so can I.

You should probably just watch this now, because I’m sure I’ll analyze this video until I’m embarrassed enough to take it down in 3 days. I also teach you how to make a booze necklace for a fun Christmas present. Cuz what says the birth of Christ like a neck full of vodka? I mean, I can think of a lot of things that would come before liquor necklace, but it’s on the list somewhere.

I can already tell you my mom is going to be annoyed at how much I touched my hair in the beginning.

Yes, I’m sitting in my Oprah approved meditation chair.

Yes, that’s a hula hoop behind my meditation chair.

6 thoughts on “First Video Blog

  1. Love the video blogging thing! You should do it more often now, it’s very funny! Also, I like the vodka necklace idea! I’m broke this year (and so is everyone else I know), so it will be an easy gift for me to give, as well as a very useful gift for them to get. Because who doesn’t love having a shot or two at your immediate disposal at all times? Awesome post!

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