Holiday Gift DIY

So I know yesterday I said that I was going to post my very own DIY video, and let me just start off by saying I tried to make that happen. I spent two days trying to film it with just myself, a tripod, and a flip cam (which is ideal for amateur pornography, but not when you’re trying to make something of quality), and that was just way harder than I anticipated. Finally, I finished, and it was… ok…. I tried to edit it, and I realize that lots of people are overly critical when they watch themselves on tape, but you should know I relish watching myself on film, so I don’t think it was me being too harsh.

After spending a couple hours trying to edit it, I was almost done, I was just going to add some music, and then iMovie quit and my whole project was lost. At that point I just figured that the holy ghost hit the ESC key in a valiant effort to save me from myself and from defiling his holiday with my Christmas video. My dad is a computer guy and could probably save the whole thing, but I’d rather just accept this as a sign that I will never be a DIY thrifty hipster blogger.

I did promise you a DIY, though, so here’s one from someone who knows what they’re doing and looks like she could play Roma Downey’s protegé on Touched By an Angel (I’m embarrassed by how easily I accessed the name ‘Roma Downey’ from my brain).

This is Mr. Kate and #8 of her 12 DIYS of Chrismahanakwanzasolstice:


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