Clothes I Look Stupid In:* Part 2

Like I said in Clothes I Look Stupid In: Part 1, there are some trendy styles that I see on 6 foot tall models with normal sized heads that I wish I could wear, but know that said trend wouldn’t translate on the lollipop of a human that I am.

For a while now, furs of any kind have been on my No Fly List of trends, as in “this fur vest ain’t gonna fly *diva snap.*” Lately, however, the promise of looking like a Real Housewife has outweighed my fear of looking stupid.

Like this hat:

See that dimple? That's for you.

Now look at this:

Sonja Wearing Russian Hat

Sonja of RHNY looking like Funny Girl up in here

Or this:

Lisa Vanderpump of RHBH looking like a boss

 Have you ever seen anything like it? Magnificent.

My hat is an Albertus Swanepoel for Target…. I’ve never heard of him either, but I guess he’s a hat maker, and I feel extra Housewives-y knowing I have a hat from a real hat maker, not from a 2 year old Cambodian orphan… not to say that my new pal Albie actually made this hat… wait, this was made in China…so more than likely this was made by the nimble fingers of a toddler, but at least it was designed by a fancy man and not from a recent design school grad hipster.

Final thought: Do I look like a Russian going into one of those frozen vodka bars in Vegas in that hat?



**JK, I don’t look stupid in that hat, I look ADORABLE

7 thoughts on “Clothes I Look Stupid In:* Part 2

  1. you my friend… are $%&#@!* hilarious. I’ve had quite the blast browsing through your posts (while at work, yes at work), I have been thoroughly entertained lol. Now for the hat? you look gorg! it doesn’t look silly at all lol.

    • Wow thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that I gave you something to look at besides facebook!

      annnnd thank you for the reinforcement… I’ll probably wear that hat every where I go now lol

  2. Take it from a Russian (well Ukranian, but who’s counting?), aside from attending a ‘banya’ on the regular, wearing a fur hat makes you a true Russkiy.

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