Final Thoughts on Halloween*

*** or “Making Your Own Costume Makes You Feel Superior To Everyone”


Don’t worry about the fact that it’s November 4th and I’m still talking about Halloween- because it was postponed in NH til Sunday, I still have time to get in my last thoughts. Plus with the delay, my entire seasonal clock is off and now I don’t know if it’s Passover or Saint Patrick’s Day anymore and with day light savings time looming…. I just can’t keep anything straight.*

Anyway, I never mentioned what went down with my costume- I was obviously some sort of female interpretation of a skunk. I saw a skunk costume at Hot Topic, and just had this strange feeling that $60 for a poorly made costume I’ll wear once, might just be a totally ridiculous concept (which must mean I’m growing up). I figured I could just make my own version of the costume (and I don’t know where I get this idea, but this is my rationalizaion for not buying everything I think is too expensive. Like, I’ve told myself “eh, I could make those shoes.” I’m pretty creative, but if I’m being honest with myself, I have no idea how to make shoes).

I really surprised myself this year because I always say I’ll make my costume and then the day before Halloween I end up just buying a bagged one. I shouldn’t be too proud though because me making my costume is just the outcome of me having way too much time on my hands.

I debuted my costume at a bar/club in Salem, Mass, and I have to say how surprised I was with how well it was received (Note: this could just be me projecting on to other people how I felt about making my own costume that wasn’t overly sexy…or not at all sexy… it more or less covered every inch of my body except my face, so it was kind of encroaching on burka territory). When you’re one of a handful of people that has a costume with some obvious effort put into it, I think people are impressed. I was also never made to feel out of place or ugly because I wasn’t trying to pass off underwear as shorts.

An unattractive side effect of making your own costume is how superior you feel to the people wearing sexy cop, sexy prisoner, sexy cat costumes. Like, “look at me and my boundless creativity and sewing skills… I’m just so disappointed in your lack of imagination, Sexy Bunny.” This is especially hypocritical because I have done the bag costume (sailor girl, Strawberry Shortcake, and Snow White, though I will say, I don’t think any of them were that revealing or risqué… still completely sexist and demeaning maybe, but my butt cheeks were well contained).

Anyway, I really think everyone should consider making their costume next year. It will give you an overblown sense of self importance that can’t be matched.

*So thank goodness there’s a lady in my office who reminds me of the day of the week every. single. morning. Just walks by the front desk where I sit and in different inflections announces what day it is. Monday is very somber, while “Friday” gets repeated several times with lots of enthusiasm. Her feelings on Tuesday are pretty ambiguous, while Wednesday and Thursday is just a gradual build-up to the shouting parade that is Friday morning.

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