Z Food and Drink

For my birthday dinner yesterday, I went with my family to Z Food and Drink in Manchester, NH. I knew I’d be blogging about it, but I took some pictures with my iPhone because I didn’t want to saddled down with my parents’ Nikon while I’m trying to get down to some serious eating and drinking. Also, there is nothing more gross than having to sheepishly explain to your server the reason why you’re taking pictures of food is because you’re a blogger… even though she didn’t even ask, but her sideways stare compelled you to tell her anyway.

{popcorn with truffle oil and garlic butter instead of the usual bread and butter}


{The Pretty in Pink: fresh strawberry puree, mint syrup, and a can of Sophia champagne. My new signature cocktail, y’all!}


{haddock and crispy pork belly tacos}


{The Cider House Rules: St. Germain liquer, apple cider, and prosecco.}


{classin’ it up with a mini Carvel ice cream cake. My mom started slicing it, but I had to shriek for her to stop so I could take a picture.}

I also got some gouda stuffed tater tots, maple rangoons, and asian nachos, which I started eating before I remembered to take a picture… Once I get started I can’t be stopped. I also got a cupcake, which was COLD and sorry, but everyone knows- infants, the dead, EVERYONE- knows you don’t serve cupcakes just out of the fridge. They are served room temperature. It was still a great cupcake, though. Overall, a nice place, and I appreciate that they list prices on their drink menu, unlike TGIFriday’s, who suddenly think they’re some fine dining establishment. I’ll get my Mudslide at Applebees if you’re going to try and do me like that.


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