Nor’easter in October


That is a picture of a snowy fallen tree in my backyard taken circa… yesterday. All of NH got a ton of snow (and to put this in perspective I live in southern NH bordering Mass. not some maple syrup-y backwoods up north. Despite what you may think, this is not normal).

Something upwards of 200,000 homes in NH are without power. My house lost power, but luckily we have a small generator that makes it possible to charge my cell, which is where I blog to you from- shivering in a blanket and blogging by candlelight like this is Little House on the Prairie with iPhones.

Also, my Halloween is all but ruined. I have no TV to watch Hocus Pocus from, and trick or treating is postponed in most towns, which has drained my holiday cheer. Nobody is thinking of Halloween around here. All you can think about is SURVIVING (except my mom who still has candy corn earrings and a festive t-shirt on. God bless her).

Has anyone else been hit by this Halloween tragedy?

PS it took me no less than a half hour to type this thing. Curse you, my Vienna Sausage fingers and the iPhone touch screen!


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