You Can Have Whatever You Like*

Lately, I find myself torn on what I should be posting about on this thing: Should I post about cooking and restaurants since I am such a skilled food stylist and photographer? (I am an Instagram wizard). Should I do more pointless essays since I have opinions on everything and no where to dump them? Maybe start doing some daily outfit posts since I’m a trusted authority on fashion? (you should see how cute I look in my Old Navy yoga pants right now).

I feel like my postings are a little all over the place, and I didn’t know if I should just keep it that way or if there’s a subject I write about that you are just dying to see more of. Like, you are just pining away the hours, hoping that for once –just once– I’d post a tutorial on how I do my hair every morning (FYI- it’s a side braid, hollah!)

So, can I go all Green Peace on you and ask if you have a second for my blog?

And as a thank you: for your listening pleasure, a mashup of “Whatever You Like” and “I Love College” performed on the ukulele. Please enjoy.


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