Buddy Halloween Costumes for Singletons

It’s Halloween- just another holiday or another opportunity to rub it in that you are ALL ALONE. While all the other couples are dressing up as Jack and Rose, you are the lone wolf (or sexy wolf, sexy UPS worker, sexy barista, etc.). There’s no need to be sad, though! As long as you have another sad and pathetic friend (just kidding!) you can have just as much fun as all the other costume coordinated couples (just kidding, again).

2 Broke Girls- All you need are some yellow dresses and red aprons. Bonus: Carry around empty coffee pots and you can drink out of them all night!

Cher and Dionne from Clueless… or Cher and Tai… there just has to be a Cher. I just really love the 90’s and any opportunity to wear a mini backpack is one I will take advantage of.

The Plastics from Mean Girls- This one is pretty meta. Dressing up as movie characters on Halloween for Halloween.

Romy and Michelle from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion– Only one of the top 5 female buddy movies of all time.

Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World– This is an easy and cute costume. You can buy Wayne’s hat online and everybody looks cute in the oversized black glasses, but you have an excuse to wear them so no one will mistake you for a hipster.

The Golden Girls- This is for a group of ladies very secure in their looks and who can go without male attention for an entire night out. I think it’s well worth it, though.

I hope you are now feeling inspired to get all girl power-y for Halloween. Have any other ideas for platonic power couples you can go as?

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