Thoughts on Some Women and Sports

If Queen B likes sports, you better start liking sports, too.

I think it’s pretty funny that some women who pretend to like sports or force themselves to like sports like to get credit for it. Like, they either make a big deal out of it on their Facebook status or brag that they watched a game. As if liking sports is difficult and you should be recognized for your efforts, like you’re 7 years old eating sushi- “oh, wow! how unexpected and amusing! This child likes such an unusual and foreign cuisine! I like this kid so much more now that I know it eats raw fish!”

I literally can’t think of any other reason that a woman would pretend to like sports besides trying to impress a guy, but I just want to settle one thing. Ladies, I’m talking to you right now. Guys can see through it when you are trying too hard to convey that you like sports. Don’t be insincere and don’t look for recognition that you turned on a game for 10 minutes, flipped back and forth from that and Teen Mom for 20 minutes, then finally just settled in with a rerun of Friends. 

I’m not saying this because I don’t think you should lie to a guy to make him like you. Babies would stop being born if that happened (Just kidding a little). You don’t have to pretend to like sports because if you had a better attitude you would actually like sports.

I think what scares some women away from liking sports is because 1. they are told and influenced since they are little that boys like sports and girls don’t (which is another rant for another day) and 2. because they think to like sports they have to learn all about it.

To actually learn about sports would be like taking on a community college class on the side. Sure, to know about all the players (they keep switching teams and going to jail! How do I keep them straight?!) and stats (numbers!) and….and… ( I don’t know what else happens that you need to know) is tough. But you don’t have to do that! You can name all of Angelina and Brad’s children, you don’t have to take on more. You don’t have to focus on all that stuff to like sports, (a helpful hint is the players actually have their names printed on the back of their jersey so that should help. Only last names, though. Sorry).

I once knew a guy who didn’t know who Meryl Streep was. MERYL STREEP. Now, sure, him not knowing that Meryl Streep is the greatest actress of our time is deplorable and a testament to the failings of the public school system, but he can still enjoy a Meryl Streep movie without recognizing her. Sure, I’m into pop culture and know the ‘stats’ of different actors, but anyone can enjoy a movie without that knowledge, just like sports.

Unless you are a miserable person, you should be able to find something you like about sports. For example, live games. What’s more fun than getting to wear festive jerseys and face paint while you drink beer and eat hot dogs? You don’t even have to know how points are acquired. As long as you know what team you are rooting for, you can gauge how things are going by the cheering or booing crowd.

I think of live games like concerts. I will pretty much go to any concert regardless of whether or not I like the music.

Do I like country music?


Would I like to go to Country Fest?

I’ll answer that question with another question: Can I wear a cowgirl hat? Can I wear cowgirl boots with cut-off shorts? Can I drink beer in the back of someone’s car with a bunch of other people who are also drinking in their trunks or truck beds? If so, follow-up question: why wouldn’t I go?

Now, watching games on TV can be trickier. There’s the knowledge that at any given time just a few channels away there is some sort of housewife actin’ a fool. And if you want to watch that, go ahead. But in the event that you have to watch the game, guess what? You can still easily enjoy this too. How? Doritos and beer. Also, you can try getting into it. No one is making you watch a documentary about Nazi war planes on The History Channel. There’s a ton of other people who enjoy sports, so it can’t be that hard for you to try to like it too.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Some Women and Sports

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  2. Great post, I couldn’t care less about sports but I have been to hockey games, baseballs games and even football and basketball games. Do I remember anything about them? No, but I did enjoy the beer and the company and the crazy fans that get hammered and start yelling things out. You can’t get that on TV.

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