Parker’s Maple Barn

I like to keep it real seasonal over here at B4EM. Autumn is my favorite time of year- I like to keep my hair the color of foliage, and as a fetus I made sure to time my grand entrance into the world on November 1st (because I knew I would love Halloween, but didn’t want to share my special day with a holiday- people are busy with their own celebration, which doesn’t give them enough brain space to think about my birthday). In my opinion, NH is the best place to experience the fall… or Vermont. I can’t say I know that there’s a difference between the two states besides their longitude and latitude.

Anyway, my mom and I celebrated the season and went on a really lovely little Autumn excursion through NH. First, we went to Parker’s Maple Barn. This restaurant makes their own maple syrup and it may or may not be a law that NH school children go there on field trips to see how maple syrup is made and then eat pancakes. I don’t know anyone raised here that hasn’t gone for a school trip- oddly enough most every NH kid I know has also been to Bertucci’s for a field trip to uncover the mystery of how pizza is made.

Anyway, I haven’t been to Parker’s since said field trip. It’s has all sorts of rural charm, which I didn’t really ever realize NH had.

Pumpkin pancakes.

Maple ribs with maple baked beans. I told myself I wouldn’t have any burgers or fries this week (it’s either embarrassing or absolutely charming that it’s necessary this goal be made from time to time) so I had a half rack of ribs and homefries instead.


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