Obsessed With: Soft & Dri Deodorant

I am a connoisseur of many things, namely cupcakes, dry shampoo, and anti-perspirant/deodorant. Since I’ve already talked at length about cupcakes and dry shampoo, today I’ll discuss the less popular, but no less important product that is the anti-sweat stick.

I love antiperspirants. I use it every day, and if I somehow forget, I sit in anxiety until someone lets me use theirs (which is gross, but less gross than thinking about how I’m not wearing any). Personally, I think (I shouldn’t say ‘personally’ because that might suggest that the next thought isn’t universal to all rational thinkers) there is no excuse for anyone over the age of 12 or 13 to have body odor. I get when you’re young you haven’t gotten into the habit yet, or you don’t want to believe you need it, but I promise you, at 20 years old believe that you need it.

Anyway, I have tried basically every kind of antiperspirant- from the clinical strength (which I think is a scam) to Dove (which is like rubbing body butter on your armpits and expecting it to do anything) to Michum (which dries your skin out and doesn’t do much deodorant-wise).

Hands down, the best I’ve ever used is Soft & Dri with the Derma Stripe in Invisible Solid with the intoxicating scent Whisper. I’ve also tried the Soft & Dri without the strip and in different scents, which also work really well, but the combo of the stripe and the whisper can’t be beat. You can wear that all day long and it holds up. I guess if you are one of those demure girls who can use unscented Secret and be set for the day won’t understand, but this Soft & Dri proves that magic really exists.


7 thoughts on “Obsessed With: Soft & Dri Deodorant

  1. I am so glad I came across your post! Every time I finish off a stick of anti-persperant I head off in search of a new one because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the last. They’re either too scented or not scented enough or they just don’t do their job as well as I would like. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m obsessed with Soft and Dri as well. I live in Boston and find that its next to impossible to find it in stores here. All the stores and pharmacies only have the spray. 😦

  3. I’m a girl but I like using Old Spice in Fiji scent. I love the smell and it works so well (also feel free to rap that in your head).
    Old Spice, strong enough for a man…made for a man.
    Used by me.

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