Halloween Decorating

You might remember that in my last post I made an Autumn To-Do List so I could remember that I wanted to buy a costume and do such detailed activities as carve pumpkins. I almost forgot that I wanted to put up decorations that have been put up every year since my birth (not before, though. Pretty sure nothing existed before 1988), but thanks to my trusty list those witch figurines and candy corn wreaths went up without a hitch.

I decorated some squash and pumpkins. Look at my artistic prowess. Those black circles were really intricate.

More importantly than the decoration was the stuff I was eating and drinking whilst decorating.

Cheddar and caramel popcorn- also known as “The Chicago Mix.” It was supposed to be the recreation of my favorite food from Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago, but it was nothing like the original. I believe this was fall-ish because of the orange cheddar corn and because I put a pumpkin next to the bowl.

These go down like green tea!

What do you like to eat and drink during fall (or what do you like to do, I guess. I’m most concerned about eating and drinking)?


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