Vegas Part IV: Happy Hour

You might not be surprised that happy hour just happens to be my favorite hour, so Vegas is a perfect destination for me. Unlike the fun hating Boston where happy hour on drinks is illegal, Vegas has some really great happy hours at every hotel. I just think happy hour is the ideal drinking time- you can have your fun and still be in bed by 11 with no hang over. Anything that is conducive to me getting to sleep at a decent hour is something I’m all for.

$4 Margaritas and Taquitos at Yolo in Planet Hollywood- Michelle, Me, Riley, and Caroline.

Vegas Nails at Happy Hour! Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in Frock Star (Picha by Riley)

Happy Hour on the roof at the Paris Hotel (Riley took this)

Also at Paris... Doesn't Michelle look like a little beach angel? (Riley is responsible for this picture, too)

Bar Vdara at our hotel... also known as my bar.

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