Vegas Part 1: Packing

I planned on posting this before I left for Vegas, but I didn’t finish packing in time to do so. I do this cute little thing where I tell myself I’ve finished packing in advance, but don’t actually put anything in my suitcase until midnight the morning of.

Gap jeans, Target Shirt, Sofft sandals, Rayban Wayfarers, Betsey Johnson Rose necklace, My mom's vintage cuff

This was actually the most prepared I have ever been for a trip since I put out a traveling outfit the night before. I wanted to wear something like this, but what I wore did its intended job (making me un-naked in an airport) just fine.

For the record, I packed all this jewelry and wore the same necklace and earrings every day. This is still a step up considering I usually wear the same yoga pants every day instead. I don’t like variety.

Sparkly dress from Arden B

Sparkle clutch from J. Crew, Flower ring from Baubles and Lace in Boston (a knock off of the Sex and the City ring). I did not actually pack an empty bottle of Dom.

The plane ride in was great, mostly because at my Chicago layover there was a Garrett’s popcorn and you know how much Oprah and I love our cheese and caramel Chicago Mix. I almost missed the plane, but everyone thought my tardiness for popcorn was charming. Then everyone couldn’t help but smile when I started getting cheesy finger prints every where.


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