Pretty and Pale

I admit that I used to go tanning a lot in high school. In the past two years, I’ve gone, I think once, but overall I’ve sworn off it. Now that I’m almost 23, a sense of mortality is setting in, which brings with it the sheer terror of aging, so I’ve begun wearing sunscreen every morning so I look super young forever and ever.

For the vast majority of the year I’m pretty fair skinned, except for when some occasion calls for a Toddlers and Tiara tan in which case I break out the Salon Bronze Airbrush gun, which I’ve written about before. For the most part though, it takes a lot out of me to look tan all the time. I hardly even notice how pale I apparently am, but there are some idiots who love to point it out. I’ve begun to notice that when people do refer to my skin tone, I go into something that can only be described as just short of a blind rage.

So, if someone calls me pale, or holds their tan arm next to mine, I’m just offended to my core… And don’t you ever test my ability to tan because I can if I want to, I just choose not to! Which makes me better than you!!!!!

I can look like an Addam's family member if I want to!!! My skin, my choice!

If you are also pale and try and put us in the same boat by saying something like “better put on the sunscreen- Irish skin like ours is just going to burn!” I will let you know that I’m only half Irish, and will tell you the story of how for a brief period during my childhood I was sure my father was African American, he is THAT tan, and I have half his DNA. SO, I actually can tan IF I WANT TO, and in the rare case I burn, it DOESN’T EVEN HURT. And give me a week and it turns to tan!!!!

That was just a brief rant…I got a sunburn last week (one of less than a handful I’ve ever had in my life!!!) so this is fresh in my mind.

My real reason for writing is I just want to appeal to you all and ask if we could all just stop tanning. I know everyone looks better tan, but if we were all pale, then eventually, in terms of beauty, we could just lower the bar. It’s like if the whole world cut off one ear, we’d all just get used to it, and eventually we wouldn’t even notice it anymore.

Trust me-you’ll still look fine pale! Look at these actresses! They’re pale and probably already better looking than ¬†most tan people in the world! Please, you guys. Just do me this solid.

4 thoughts on “Pretty and Pale

  1. All very beautiful women… I never realized how many of them were considered “pale”…I think it makes their features pop!

    I just turned 22 this past weekend, I get what you mean about the feeling of mortality… I’ve started to (inconsistently) take some vitamins and other supplements–perhaps some liver-support pills for those wild nights in college!

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