Halloween Costume Ideas

Tomorrow is September, which means from now until the end of October I will be frantically trying to decide on what I should be for Halloween, until the day before when I just go out and buy the last pre-made costume they have.

I’ve been trying to think of red heads I could dress up as, and here are some options:

I could buy these Jeffrey Campbell platforms and be Ginger Spice.


This dress from Lulus.com could be a Jessica Rabbit costume…

Nope. Too much pressure!

   Chuckie Finster?

Or this Chucky?

But I’ll probably just be lazy and buy something like this.

Not quite this costume though because I literally can’t think of anything worse than wearing a bikini top in October…because 1. It’s cold and I’ve never been above wearing a parka to a club, and 2. I can promise you that on Halloween the only thing I will have eaten that day is caramel apples and pumpkin spice lattes…which gives my tummy the rumbley’s so I’ll be nice and gassy. There’s only so much stomach I can suck in.

And for your viewing pleasure, the look book video for Bridget Marquardt’s Halloween costume line. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Finding too great of a costume is a curse. Last year, I was Prince for Halloween. It was amazing. I’ll never be able to touch that and I’m considering quitting Halloween while on top.

  2. Go as what’s her face from Mad Men. The hot red-head. Finding costumes as a thrift store is always more fun than buying the factory ones.

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